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Thank Ricardo Aca, an Undocumented Immigrant and DACA Recipient, for Standing Up to Donald Trump!

Thank you for standing up to Donald Trump. His comments about immigrants in this country are racist and insulting and your bravery is an inspiration.

Ricardo Aca is an undocumented immigrant who works in a restaurant at one of Donald Trump’s hotels in New York City. He is taking a stand against Trump's vile anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric.

Ricardo Aca has taken it upon himself to prove that he, along millions of undocumented immigrants, are an asset to our communities and the country whole. While politicians cower before Trump as they compete for the job of President of the United States, Ricardo is speaking out on behalf of his family and his community --risking his job and livelihood.

Recently, Ricardo shared his story through a very touching video. In doing so, Ricardo has stood up against the vile and grotesque attacks that Donald Trump has launched against mexican immigrants.

We want to thank Ricardo for standing up to Donald Trump when Republicans won’t!