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Meet With Your Members of Congress to Discuss Donald Trump's Extreme Actions

We are at a historic turning point in our country. These are serious times that call for serious actions. Posting comments on Facebook or emailing your members of Congress isn’t going to cut it anymore. Big bold actions by informed Americans is the only way we can limit Trump’s damage on the United States.

We need to organize pockets of resistance and solidarity all over the country. We know Donald Trump won’t listen to the American people, but your member of Congress will. They have to.

Despite the fact that Congress is Republican controlled, most members of Congress are more concerned with getting reelected than standing with Trump. So if they start to feel that Trump's racism is a political liability, they will turn against him. And if your members of Congress are Democrats, tell them to take a strong, public stand against Donald Trump.

If we can organize and build political power locally and ensure there is a steady stream of foot traffic into every local congressional office, we can make sure Congress holds Donald Trump accountable.

The best way to make sure elected officials get the message is to organize an in-person meeting. If you’re interested in taking the lead on organizing a meeting, please fill out this form, and we will be in touch. If we want immigrants to be safe from Donald Trump’s mass-deportation and enforcement policies, then we must pressure our elected officials to hold Trump accountable.

Will you organize an in-person meeting with your member of Congress to discuss Donald Trump's extreme agenda? If so, please fill out this form.

Please try to call your local Congressional office to set up a meeting before filling out this form. You can find your nearest congressional offices by clicking here. If you can't make the call now, fill out the form anyway and we will follow up with you.