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Tell Republican Leaders to Stand Against Trump's Deportation Force, Muslim Ban, and Wall of Hate

We are at a historic turning point in our country. These are serious times that call for serious actions. Posting comments on Facebook or emailing your members of Congress isn’t going to cut it anymore. Big bold actions by informed Americans is the only way we can limit Trump’s damage on the United States.

Republican leaders in Washington, DC need to understand the pain and anger Donald Trump is creating across the country. Please call Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Mitch McConnell right now and tell them that members of Congress MUST stand up against Trump’s deportation force and wall of hate.

Despite the fact that Congress is Republican controlled, most members of Congress are more concerned with getting reelected than standing with Trump. So if they start to feel that Trump's racism is a political liability, they will turn against him. And if your members of Congress are Democrats, tell them to take a strong, public stand against Donald Trump.

Step 1: Call Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell

Paul Ryan is the leading Republican in the House of Representatives. His phone number is (202) 225-3031.

Mitch McConnell is the leading Republican in the Senate. His phone number is 202-224-2541.

Step 2: When you're connected say this

Once you are connected tell the staffer who answers your call, "Members of Congress can stand up against Trump’s deportation force and wall of hate.  We need our Members of Congress need to use all of their power to stop Trump’s assault on immigrants and refugees. Donald Trump's policies are hurting real families across the country. Republicans in Congress can't sit on the sidelines while our community is attacked." 

Step 3: Us the form below to tell us how it went.

It's really important that we know how your call went. Please fill out the brief form below and let us know if your call was connected, who you spoke to, and how it went. We'll use the information you provide to ensure our campaign is as effective as possible.

How did your call go? Use this form to let us know